Truck loaded with pallet racking materials

Material Installation and Relocation

“You guys are amazing! Thank you.”

Sweet music played over and over again by our customers when complimenting our vetern installation crew. Good manners and a strong work ethic make up the ATB installation crew. We're very proud of them!

As a fully licensed, bonded and insured California contractor (lic. #640780) ATB Material Handling's professional and courteous crews specialize in both the installation and dismantling of warehouse systems in the safest yet most expeditious manner. Well orchestrated speed smartly kills needless, costly extra work days — whether you're coming or going.

Truck loaded with pallet racking materials

Pallet Rack Permitting — We'll do it!

ATB Material Handling can relieve the greatest headache known to business mankind ... Permitting!

We'll coordinate the permitting of your warehouse storage system in the most pain free way. We cover all the bureaucratic nightmares for you: seismic calculations, warehouse system drawings, site plans, plan check, etc., etc., etc., ... You relax.

Warehouse full of boxes for storage

Commercial Storage - Fort Knox In A Box!

Warehouse pallet overflow? Nowhere to go?

ATB Commercial Storage is the answer!

Our unique pallet rack storage units are completely secured by 20' high heavy duty corrugated metal sides and doors. Typical large units house over 150 pallets and smaller units secure at least 75. These highly secure units are perfect for overflow pallets or, for running your business from our warehouse.

We're ready the moment you need us!