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ATB Material Handling was started by industry veteran Mark Spear in 1995

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From one small yard to a national business

ATB stands for Absolutely The Best. This is a personal, high standard of professionalism which is foundational to the many years of growth and great success of ATB. From a small parking lot operation in the very beginning to now occupying and owning multiple acres of outdoor and indoor space in the heart of Los Angeles. ATB is on the call list of many American fortune 500 companies when they are in need of a prominent buyer for their pallet rack and other warehouse equipment. ATB has quickly grown into national prominence.

Character Counts

Reputation, for good or bad, is earned. It reflects character. ATB is very proud of our hard earned, long established, stellar reputation. No project is too large or small for our team. ATB is comprised of experienced material handling veterans with a deep knowledge of the products and industry. We go above and beyond for our customers.

Meet the Team

Mark Spear

Josh Sigal
General Manager

Will Goldstein
Director of Engineering

Joey Spear
Projects Manager

Beverly Ventura
Office Sales Supervisor

Jose Guerra
Warehouse Operations Manager