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Absolutely The Best warehouse solutions since 1995

Unrivaled Inventory

All your needs at bargain pricing

Over the years, we’ve attracted the most accomplished bargain hunters in the business world as our long-term, loyal customers. Our massive inventory selection of pallet rack and other warehouse materials never disappoints.

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Experience Matters

A quarter century and counting

In business since 1995, we’ve seen it all; done it all; and have comfortably known what to do in any situation. At all levels: product knowledge, warehouse design, installation, and business life in general.

Character Counts

Our word is our bond

Our stellar reputation is as important to us as the air we breathe. Professional, honest, and trustworthy. We work tirelessly to maintain a reputation worthy of the ATB name.

Our Services

And how they can help you

National Buyer And Seller

We move any quantity of pallet racking and warehouse equipment throughout the nation.


ATB can relieve the greatest headache known to the business... permitting! Allow us to take on this frustrating part of the job, while you sit back and relax.

Design and Layout Consultation

The difference between an out and a homerun is a matter of inches. Warehouse layouts are our homerun specialty! We know how to maximize your warehouse space where the flow of men and machinery are in perfect harmony.

Material Installation and Relocation

As a fully licensed, bonded and insured contractor, ATB Material Handling’s professional and courteous crews specialize in both the dismantling and installation of warehouse systems; in both a safe and expeditious manner.

Products That Get The Job Done

Complete Racking Systems

Uprights, Load Beams, Wire Decks, and more! We have all the necessities for racking success.

Boltless Shelving

Handstack storage made simple. Best solution to your lightweight storage needs.


Extendable conveyors and other roller systems quickly move your products from here to there.


Elevate your storage capacity to a whole new level with a mezzanine system.

Our Specialty

We will buy your used Pallet Rack and Warehouse Equipment

Let's talk! Upon request, we will provide expert evaluations of pallet rack and warehouse materials.

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Empire Cleaning Supply – Our First Customer!


Warner Brother's Studios

Snyder Diamond

Glenair Inc. – Mission-Critical Interconnect Solutions

Some of Our Customers

It was over 25 years ago that we sold our first racking project to Empire Cleaning Supply. Staples center and many other notable southland venues all look to Empire for their supplies. We have enjoyed taking care of their racking needs for the last quarter of a century. The Empire ownership are great two-ply guys!

We have recently purchased over 800,000 square feet of warehouse equipment from Under Armour's facilities in Baltimore, MD and Rialto, CA. It's been a gratifying experience working closely and successfully with Under Armour's team of talented engineers and operations executives.

We're on the Warner Brother's Studios lot more than some of its stars! From specialized garment racks in their massive costume department to building multi-tiered catwalk mezzanines in sound stages; we're delighted that ATB is their go-to source for all of their material handling needs.

California's most prestigious supplier of kitchen appliances and bathroom fixtures has also been a long term loyal customer. Recognized worldwide, a close relationship with Syder Diamond means the world to us. Thank you Russ Diamond!

Like being friends with the smartest kid in the class. Glenair supplies all sorts of sophisticated connectors and fittings for aerospace, military, and telecommunications industries worldwide. We are very happy that they feel ATB is real smart when it comes to handling their huge warehouse equipment needs. A 20 plus year customer.